Welcome to Ballistic Creations™ founded by Panda and Gator Daddy.

Ballistic Creations™ is a rapid prototyping and development company of quality niche products for the industry. Over the years we have bounced ideas back and forth and now have decided to bring them to fruition. We currently are in the design phase of multiple prototypes  that will be announced as they are nearing final production.

Our first endeavor was with the launch of Joint Wax™. The idea of Joint Wax™ was created after the destruction of pieces of art which lead to why isn’t there anything for this? We had tried all of the available options, some living up to their exceptions for the initial use but often failing to hang on in the long term. We had a problem, the current solutions didn’t meet all of our expectations and after months of research and prototyping Joint Wax™ and Ballistic Creations™ were born.

Our second endeavor brought to market is Slide Right™. Down stems are no longer a problem and the ash catchers aren’t going anywhere.  We still had the problem with making sure our domes and other movable slides, well that they always slide right.  Lip balm and other jelly’s just weren’t filling the bill and usually just made a mess of things.  We churned through development cycle after cycle until we came up with just the right formula.  No mess, no fuss, solid clean and dependable.  With Slide Right™ applied your slide or other movable glass piece receives a snug fit where it will not fall out, yet with the touch of your fingers it slides right out.  Once applied your ground glass joint becomes a solid clear clean joint adding to the aesthetic appeal of your glass and peace of mind knowing that if someone tips your piece the slides will not just fall out.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us now!

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